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Katy Perry: Late Night during ‘The Dove Pub’

Out spending a night on a town, Katy Perry was seen withdrawal ‘The Dove Pub’ in a Broadway Market of London, England on Wednesday dusk (June 6).

The “California Girls” songstress sported her always singular character with clear purple hair and a teal dress detailed with a crucifix on a chest as she done her approach out of a pub after merrymaking with her rumored beloved and Florence + The Machine rocker Robert Ackroyd.

Switching to career news, we all know a 27-year-old can conquer a song business even starring in a new film “Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D,” though now a cocktail prodigy is holding another track in entertainment.

On Wednesday, Bluewater Publications reliable a news that Miss Perry would be a newest luminary decorated in their comic book array “Fame.” In a new comic titled, “Fame: Katy Perry,” it depicts a cocktail sensation’s early life flourishing adult in a Christian home and follows her on her approach to attack it big.

Enjoy a cinema of Katy Perry withdrawal a Dove Pub in a Broadway Market in London, England (June 6).

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